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(TLPDC) STEMinar: A Millennial's Perspective on Sexism in STEM

Millennials are known for investing in experiences instead of material things. This shift in perceived value shapes our worldview, specifically our view of people, including gender and gender stereotypes. This worldview influences how we communicate with each other and how we deal with our differences. While instances of blatant sexism still occur, they seem few and far between. Most of the sexism that is experienced by young women today is a result of implicit bias, those thoughts that we as a society grow up learning to have. The STEM field in particular is full of opportunities for young women to wonder, “Did that happen because I am a woman or am I just imagining things?” This is a good sign, but it also means that the work we have to do to level the playing field for women in science will be that much harder. We have to root out that implicit bias, which is one of the most difficult types of bias to overcome. This talk will focus on my experiences as a member of the millennial generation with regard to overt and covert sexism and how implicit bias affects women in STEM.

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